Royal Palace of Madrid

    • Guided Tours the Royal Palace of Madrid

    Our guided tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid will take you through its most impresive official rooms, richly decorated with tapestries, furniture, frescoes, clocks, and will help you discover the magnificent environment in which kings and queens lived during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

    Length of the tour: 1h 30min.

    The Royal Palace is the official residence of the king of Spain, used today mainly for official ceremonies, as the king actually lives at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

    It is the largest palace in Western Europe in terms of area, with 135,000 sqm and around 2,800 rooms.

    It houses a very valuable historic and artistic heritage, the Palatine Stradivarius and highly relevant collections of paintings, sculptures and tapestries.

    Important notice: This monument closes for the celebration of Official Ceremonies.

    DUE TO COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS, check opening hours and visiting conditions on the official website of the Royal Palace:


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